About Us

Our History

The Hotel Monte da Provença was born from the dream of the owners, Maria and Joachim. After decades as international executives in one of the largest world multinational companies, always dreamt of creating a unique place where they could receive people from all over the world, on a sophisticated, magic and familiar ambience.

From the dream to the reality, were necessary 14 and many challenges to overcome. The result? A place where the modern comfort, the tradition and Alentejo meet each other and where everything was selected thinking of you… creating a place where you want to stay… be happy… and return… surrounded by nature.

Property History

Towards the end of the Reign of King D. Fernando of Portugal (1350-1369), came to this place monks coming from “Serra de Ossa”. With what they grew in the farm they ensured their sustenance (“prover” in Portuguese) and helped the poor. As in this farm there was lots of water/springs and good soil, it was a good place of “provença” (that means sustain/feed/grow). Therefore the name of the property.

Therefore Lourenço Annes Reguengo and Margarida Domingues, his wife, donated those lands to the monks.

The Team

It is necessary a team of dedicated people to ensure that your stay will be to remember. Those who ensure our gardens are inviting and cosy and that we produce the best products used in your meals, those that make sure the house is clean and cosy, those that prepare your meals, sweets and snacks that you will love and also those that welcome you with a smile and an enormous wish of making your stay perfect!


Be the perfect place for people to feel happy.


Prove that Alto Alentejo harmonically combines tradition, sophistication and protection of nature allied to culture and history.


Nature Protection

We are a hotel unit that tries to protect and conserve not only the nature but also the patrimony and culture of the Alentejo region.
We are in favour of sustainable development while preserving human values.




Monte da Provença
7350-481 São Vicente, Elvas, Portugal
Cellphone: +351 912 799 202